The Big Crash
art for the pending burst of the real estate bubble by Malte Steiner

The Building Blocks Of The Big Crash
This part of the piece is based on media transfer and created with a Raspberry Pi, which runs the analyzing software harvesting the Internet for images. It performs the image segmentation of the real estate data and shows the results on a small OLED display. The Raspberry Pi and the OLED display are en-capsuled in custom-designed and fabricated 3d printed cases mounted on the wall in the exhibition. Placed around the electronic parts are four miniature paintings in oil of chosen computer generated fragments; showing parts of buildings in Berlin. Further oil paintings of the computer generated motives will be added.

The Building Blocks Of The Big Crash *
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* The installation as shown on the image has a total wall space of height 42 cm + length 59 cm.
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