The Big Crash
art for the pending burst of the real estate bubble by Malte Steiner

Deep Estate / Planned Collapse
Dynamic drawings created with e-paper displays
This installation element is based on the image artifacts of the analyzed real estate ads. Due to the way e-Paper works, small trails are left behind after changing the picture which gives them a similar property as charcoal drawings, something which Steiner has explored in other artworks before.
Planned Collapse, shown in the middle, creates images out of fragments of floorplans from real estate ads.

Malte Steiner pioneered the use of e-paper in artistic context in 2012 with the work !Linear

detail from the surface of the e-paper
Planned Collapse (2019)
Automatically downloads and analyses room plans from Berlin real estate ads and rearrange segments to random new room plans in realtime, shown on ePaper display, here picture as exhibited at Spanien 19C Aarhus, Denmark:
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